Track Driving

Taste the Track

Performance Driving Academy

Performance Driving Academy


New to driving events? Start the day off with a Track Safety Class and then receive one-on-one driving instruction from our professional instructors. This is an all-day program that Includes lunch and over three hours of track time! Taste the Track is available throughout the track season, but must be reserved in advance. You'll receive an email after registering, so that we can pair you with a coach.

Performance Driving Academy

Performance Driving Academy

Performance Driving Academy


The Performance Driving Academy is a two-day intensive program with multiple classroom sessions followed by on-track driving to ensure that concepts are reinforced with practice. Topics range from basic track driving skills to advanced driving techniques. Each class size is capped at 8 students, and lunch is provided. Limited track-side lodging is available at an additional cost. Please book on our Reservation Page once you complete your purchase.

Individualized Coaching

If you've already been driving HPDE events and want to take your driving to the next level, get personalized coaching from our professional coaching staff. Whether you're just getting started or are working on advanced techniques, we'll get you to the next level. Coaching may include video and data sessions, and is customized to your needs. 

Coaching is available for members and the public. Contact us and we'll find you the right coach for your needs, and schedule your session. 

Teen Car Control


Teen Car Control Clinic

Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for all 15-20-year olds? 

The majority of teen drivers are unprepared for the necessary response required when confronted with dangerous situations on the road.  Everyday driving does not allow new drivers to practice and develop the crucial skills and responses they need to evade danger. 

Few of us ever get to push our cars to the limit and this lack of knowledge and experience is the difference between KNOWING you can handle a situation and HOPING you can handle a situation. As parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our teenagers are as prepared as they can be when they get behind the wheel of a car.

The purpose of our Teen Car Control Clinic is to provide new drivers with practice of the skills they will need to respond adequately should they find themselves in an emergency while operating a motor vehicle. We guarantee that your teen will leave the clinic with knowledge and confidence that will make them a safer driver. They will also realize that there is a lot more to driving than they think. 

Our 3-hour class is limited to 6 students for more behind the wheel driving and customized instruction. 

What They Learn

Students learn in the safety of a closed-circuit, controlled environment. 

  • Proper driving position.
  • Proper hand position for quick steering and obstacle avoidance.
  • What a skid feels like and how to control it.
  • How hard and soon they must brake to avoid a collision.
  • How distracted driving affects response times.


The class is taught  by one of our professional driving instructors specializing in car control and emergency maneuvers, along with ability to communicate with young adults and new drivers.