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Track Description

road coarse Our road course was designed by our founder to follow the natural contour of the land's topography. In designing the road course, it was essential to build a track that fit naturally within our preserve and overall facility. The end result was a 1.1 mile road course with 15 turns that has over 250 feet of elevation change.

Most important in the design considerations was to provide a road course that was technically challenging to drive. It needed to be difficult to master and find the proper line (which varies based on driver ability and vehicle dynamic capability). "This is a drivers' track and you need to be up-on-the-wheel, precise and consistent to turn a mediocre lap."

Another design consideration was to have a quality training ground for drivers of all abilities, as well as, race teams looking to do R&D - whether tune and test suspension,  perform lower speed shake down runs or hone driver skills. Hence a variety of right and left turns with different entry, apex and exit configurations. 

The last, but certainly not least, design consideration was the overall safety of the track and facility. It's a forgiving track with no walls, guard rails or hard objects to contact. "We don't want to hurt drivers or tear up equipment." If you make a mistake, you will most likely end up on the pavement, run off on grass or maybe a hay field.

private race track

It was an honor and most certainly great fun to be included in Pineview Run’s "soft opening”. The prospects that I took out for rides, as well as, the existing member that I rode with all ended their sessions with huge smiles on their faces! Speaking for myself, I had a great time exploring the handling limits of my new Mercedes AMG in a way I could never do safely on public roads and without the very high speed risk I assume at Watkins Glen with my Porsche Cup car. It was an ideal day for me!

Ted Brewer
*PCA National Certified Instructor, NR PCA Instructor Mentor, Trackmasters Instructor


Road Course Safety



The owner & track designer, Todd Milton, has lifelong experience in Risk Management specifically relevant to acheiving and providing a safe faciity and operation for Pineview Run. He grew up in a family run business serving Fire/Rescue/EMS services for upstate NY race tracks; He attained a BSS degree in Fire Science Managment from the University of Maryland and spent a career in the FIRE and EMS service with the City of Syracuse, NY Fire Department, then retired as as Deputy Chief of Fire after 23 years of service. He raced cars semi-professionally for over 20 years and taught racing driver schools as well as instructed classes in vehicle extrication over his years of service in public and private sectors. 

Track Philsosphy

Todd's philosphy was to provide a first class track, that was both fun & challenging  yet design it to be very forgiving to drivers at all levels. His experience as a race car driver and as a fire rescue responder at race tracks provided him with specific knowledge to maintain the balance of safety along with an extremely fun, challenging and difficult to master course.

Key Features

The key design elements to achieve the goals: Provide technically challenging turns and transitions the represent many of the different varieties found in natural road coarse racing; keep the speeds under 100 mph for the fastest car/drivers; No Hard Objects - the most forgiving race tracks are the ones with no barriers or hard objects to impact when one makes the inevitable mistake. To do so, it was important to provide a design where the track straights, turns, angles of approach & departure along with the likely areas of mistake - lend to no need for wall or guardrail type barriers. Any trees that were original to the land were removed or transplanted in safe areas. Keeping balance of our organic style and natural beauty of our preserve is important to us, but not at a risk to anyone's safety.


The safety record speaks for itself! SInce opening the track in the fall of 2017, we have completed approximately 50,000 laps with nearly 1500 drivers in cars from street legal cars, SUV's to highly modified race cars and open wheel racers. We have a perfect Safety Record with 0 (none) injuries and everyone drives there car home barring any mechanical failures.

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