The Road Course

Track Description

Our road course is a 1.1 mile course meticoulously designed by our founder to follow the natural contour of the land topography. It was important to build a track that was organic and natural fit to our preserve and overall facility. The track is 30' in width and has over 70' of elevation change. 

Most important in the design criteria was to provide a course that was technically challenging to drive. It needed to be difficult to master and find the proper line which varies based on driver ability and vehicle dynamic capability. Keeping the speeds in check was important as well to keep in spirit with the nature of the club and surroundings. This is a 'drivers track' - you need to be up-on-the-wheel, precise and consistent to turn a mediocre lap here.

Other considerations were to have a quality training ground for beginer and novice drivers along with Race Teams looking to do R&D, whether tune and test suspension,  perform lower speed shake down runs or hone driver skills. Hence a variety of right and left handers with different nature of entry, apex and exit configurations. 

Above all, is the overall safety of the track and facility. A forgiving track is one which there are no walls, guard rails or hard objects to contact. "We don't want to hurt drivers or tear up equipment". If you make a mistake at the speeds designed at critical points - you will most likely end up on the pavement, run off on grass or maybe a hay field.



I too was more impressed with the track as the day went on, quite technical, challenging and a lot of fun. Pineview Run will help drivers of all skill levels, sharpen their skills and come away with a smile. 

All my passengers and students has good things to say. The PCA racer loved it and the new to the track folks made comments like "cool", "neat" and "I'll be back". 

I look forward to my next visit.



Ed Hurd

Newfield, NY 

*Porsche Club of America National Instructor, Audi Club Instructor

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First laps on the Road Course - October 2017

1.1 miles and 15 turns of freshly paved track awaits drivers of any skill level!