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I have driven, ridden and instructed hundreds, if not thousands, of laps at several historic race tracks in the US and found Pineview Run extremely fun and challenging. What I like most about it is the elevation changes. The run down to the boot and the climb back up is as adrenaline inducing as any series of twists and turns I have driven in my 20+ years of high performance driving. I guarantee it will take many hundreds of laps to master this track – If that is even possible.

Brian Daley

*Porsche Club of America National Instructor, BMW & Trackmasters Instructor 


 The track was a hoot to drive! I found the track to be tight and very technical, but therein lies the challenge. It’s a track that demands your attention as it teaches and forces you to focus on the fundamentals of HPDE. It’s a great teaching tool as a driver tries to exact the most out of themselves and their cars. This track offers a great teaching platform for drivers of all experience levels from novice to advanced. Fun driving for sure.


Richard de Asis

* Porsche Club of America National Instructor, BMW & Trackmasters Instructor, Niagara PCA Past President and Chief Instructor


 I was more impressed with the track as the day went on, quite technical, challenging, and a lot of fun. Pineview Run will help drivers of all skill levels sharpen their skills and come away with a smile. All my passengers and students has good things to say. The PCA racer loved it and the new to the track folks made comments like "cool", "neat", and "I'll be back". I look forward to my next visit.

Ed Hurd  
*Porsche Club of America National Instructor, Audi Club Instructor

About Pineview Run

What is Pineview Run?


Pineview Run is New York's newest destination for the Outdoor and Auto Enthusiast. It features 1.1 miles of smooth race-grade asphalt dedicated to the driving pleasure of its members – individuals and families who are passionate about motorsports, who relish the driving experience, and who seek a place of belonging among like-minded people. Located approximately 15 minutes from Syracuse, NY, Pineview Run is more than an auto track. Pineview Run is a luxury family destination with an array of services and amenities, such as professional driving instruction, track-side support, sports car rentals, karting, horseback riding, shooting, hunting, ATV trail riding, snowmobiling and nature walks. Additionally, there are several nearby attractions such as apple picking at the region’s finest orchards, wine tasting on the Finger Lakes wine trail, and shopping at Destiny USA to visit when you’re not busy enjoying Pineview Run.

Love the outdoors?


There's plenty to love! Our memberships offer high speed driving on our private road course, horseback riding, karting, shooting, hunting, ATV riding, snowmobiling, nature walks, and more.

Have a passion for fine automobiles?


So do we! Come see how your vehicle performs on our road course. We've got professional instructors, on-site mechanics, and track-side support to assist you every step of the way.

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Pineview Run
Auto & Country Club

2250 Case Hill Rd, LaFayette, NY 13084

(315) 960-2566

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