The Road Course

When we designed our road course, we had several things in mind. First, it had to follow the natural contour of the land, and be in harmony with the environment. Next, it had to be safe, with speeds that are slower than other tracks, and with no walls, guardrails or hard objects to hit. Finally, it had to be difficult to learn, with a variety of  corners that have different entry, apex and exit configurations. 

The end result is a 1.1 mile track with 15 turns, and over 250 feet of elevation change. It's technically challenging, and if you blow one corner you can ruin a lap. However, it's also a very forgiving track, and if you make a mistake, you'll most likely end up on the pavement, run off on grass, or maybe a hay field.

It's an ideal training ground for drivers of all abilities, as well as a place race teams can do testing and R&D. This is a driver's track; you need to be up-on-the-wheel, precise, and consistent to turn a decent lap. It isn't a track you'll master in one day, and you'll unlock new speed secrets with every visit. 

It was an honor and most certainly great fun to be included in Pineview Run’s "soft opening”. The prospects and members I rode with all ended their sessions with huge smiles on their faces! Speaking for myself, I had a great time exploring the handling limits of my new Mercedes AMG in a way I could never do safely on public roads, and without the very high speed risk I assume at Watkins Glen. It was an ideal day for me!

Ted Brewer
*PCA National Certified Instructor, NR PCA Instructor Mentor, Trackmasters Instructor



Owner & track designer, Todd Milton, grew up in a family-run business serving Fire/Rescue/EMS services for upstate NY race tracks. He has a lifelong experience in Risk Management, and it's no accident that Pineview Run is a safe facility. 

Todd attained a BSS degree in Fire Science Management from the University of Maryland, and spent a career in the Fire and EMS service with the City of Syracuse, NY Fire Department. He retired as as Deputy Chief of Fire after 23 years of service. Todd raced cars semi-professionally for over 20 years, and taught both racing schools and vehicle extrication during his years of service. 

Todd's history as a race car driver and fire rescue responder have provided him with the perfect blend of knowledge and experience that makes Pineview Run a safe, fun, and challenging course.

Safety Record

The safety record speaks for itself! Since opening the track in the fall of 2017, we have completed approximately 50,000 laps with nearly 1500 drivers in cars from street legal cars and SUVs to highly modified race cars and open wheel racers. We have a perfect Safety Record with zero injuries. Barring any mechanical failures, everyone drives their car home. 

Track Overview